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Imagicle US Tour

Sep 25 2019


Lots of events coming your way, are you ready?

We are touring all over the US to various events bringing tons of exciting news about Imagicle ApplicationSuite: discover our newest Cloud Licensing, learn about the Platinum Support Plan with proactive support and try out the upgraded Imagicle Attendant Console.

...And far more amazing things!

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet us! Check out our upcoming events:
• September 26th Infraday South, Houston
• October 3/4th Bits Connect Live, New Jersey
• October 8th Cisco Connect, Washington DC
• October 10th Cisco Connect, New Jersey
• November 13th Cisco Connect, Foxborough (Boston)
• November 13/15th Cisco Partner Summit, Las Vegas
• November 27/30th HCS/UCaaS Summit Event, Richardson

Take part in our Imagicle Tour!

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