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Winter 2017 Release is here!

Jan 11 2017



Winter 2017 begins
with hot news!



Cisco withepaper

Customer Service. Ready for Skype for Business architecture.

Redesigned app for a perfect integration with Microsoft platform.
Queue Manager Enterprise and IVR Module.

From now on, they are Skype for Business Trusted UCMA Application with native integration with MS S4B Front End Server without the need of media gateway.

Blue's Attendant Console.

It is now capable to control in a native way Lync/Skype for Business clients directly, without the need of a physical telephone.

Cisco withepaper

Attendant Console

Add, modify and share contacts directly from your console.

Cisco withepaper

From now on, adding and modifying a contact in your
directory directly from your Blue's Attendant Console
will be easy.

You will be also able to decide wheter saving contacts
in your personal directory or sharing it with your
department or the entire company.


IP Fax Server

More powerful. Safer.
Open to everyone.

Speedy Enterprise
Directory, Click to Call and Caller ID

Chosen by Cisco for UCaaS
projects based on HCS.

  • 90 channels per node supported
  • Business Continuity guaranteed (RPO=0, RTO=0)
  • Third party integration thanks to Web API (integration with CRM, Mass faxing etc...)

Imagicle AppSuite, chosen by Cisco to enable Cisco HCS Shared Architecture, ensures a separated access to local contacts and corporate directories to different customers connected to the same instance.


Cisco withepaper

Cisco withepaper

Cisco withepaper

Imagicle ApplicationSuite is now compatible
with the very latest Windows Server 2016.