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One Suite

One suite

One Suite fits all.

Enterprises and Service Providers.


ONE Suite

Imagicle ApplicationSuite.

The Imagicle ApplicationSuite provides you the most complete set of UC apps all in one suite, simplifying deployment, administration and use.

Affordable, usable, likeable it has everything you need to empower your customer service, integrate your apps via CTI, control and analize your calls, virtualize your fax service, grant access and profiling your corporate directories.

It’s built for your team. All users can have an awesome, unified, easy experience, from their deskphones, communication clients, browsers and mobile devices.

It values your choices, granting native integration with the leading UC platforms, like Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft and others.
It runs on-premises or on the Cloud.

It gets the job done. It’s imagicle.

Make Something awesome



Let's do something


No secrets: best technologies and passion for happy customers.



I'm Agicle

Everything starts from a real passion to make customers happy: first and foremost.

And the consequence of that passion? We design and develop software using the most advanced methodologies based on 
Agile SCRUM-Test Driven Development,
base our ApplicationSuite on standard protocols and the latest web technologies, build and fully control our VoIP stack,
maintaining the highest level of skills to perfectly integrate our solutions with the market leader UC platforms on-premises,
hosted and in the Cloud.

This is also the prerequisite for the continuing innovation we present three times every year,
with our Winter, Spring and Summer releases.

happy people


It's always a matter of

(happy) people.

We're hiring

Imagicle People


Imagicle people.


  • Massimo Di Puccio - Imagicle

    Massimo Di Puccio

    co-CEO, Chief Marketing and Sales

    Christian Bongiovanni - Imagicle

    Christian Bongiovanni

    co-CEO, CTO


    Massimiliano Picchi - Imagicle

    Massimiliano Picchi

    VP Sales, GM of Imagicle Middle East

    Bernardo Federigi - Imagicle

    Bernardo Federigi

    Marketing Communications Manager

    Lorenzo Naldi - Imagicle

    Lorenzo Naldi

    Marketing Assistant

    Elena Panzera - Imagicle

    Elena Panzera

    Junior Marketing Assistant

    Luca Isola - Imagicle

    Luca Isola

    Business Development Manager Service Provider

    Michel Ravasio - Imagicle

    Michel Ravasio

    Business Development Manager & Tech Advisor - North America


  • Yury Montagnani - Imagicle

    Yury Montagnani

    Sales Manager Europe

    Riccardo Rolfo - Imagicle

    Giorgio Barsacchi

    Channel Manager - North America

    Riccardo Rolfo - Imagicle

    Riccardo Rolfo

    Channel Manager Italy, UK & Ireland

    Andrea Valleriani - Imagicle

    Andrea Valleriani

    Channel Manager Italy & Iberics


    Anas Assil - Imagicle

    Anas Assil Al-Malek

    Channel Manager Middle East


    Viviana Di Meglio - Imagicle

    Viviana Di Meglio

    Virtual Sales Leader

    Massimiliano Prando - Imagicle

    Massimiliano Prando

    Channel Sales Executive Italy SMB


    Francesco Iuliano - Imagicle

    Francesco Iuliano

    Channel Sales Executive Italy & Iberics


  • Tommaso Fioravanti - Imagicle

    Tommaso Fioravanti

    Channel Sales Executive Italy, UK & Ireland

    Fawzi EL Khoury - Imagicle

    Fawzi EL Khoury

    Channel Sales Executive Middle East

    Thomas Popinel - Imagicle

    Thomas Popinel

    Channel Sales Executive France

    Maurizio Beni - Imagicle

    Stephen Sharon

    Channel Account Manager - Northeast USA

    Ettore Damiani - Imagicle

    Ettore Damiani

    Channel Sales Executive North America

    Maurizio Beni - Imagicle

    Maurizio Beni

    Advanced Services and Product Manager

    Andrea Rivaben - Imagicle

    Andrea Rivaben

    Pre-Sales Manager


    Andrea Sonnino - Imagicle

    Andrea Sonnino

    Senior Tech Solutions Specialist


  • Aldo Antignano- Imagicle

    Aldo Antignano

    Support & IT Manager

    Johnny Ghio - Imagicle

    Johnny Ghio

    Advanced Services Engineer & IT UC Specialist


    Abdul Alhamwi - Imagicle

    Abdul Alhamwi

    Advanced Services Team Leader - Middle East


    Federica Docali - Imagicle

    Federica Docali

    Advanced Services Team Leader - Europe

    Michele Sbarra - Imagicle

    Antonio Greco

    Advanced Services Team Leader - North America


    Ahmed Antar - Imagicle

    Ahmed Antar

    Advanced Services Engineer

    Michele Sbarra - Imagicle

    Michele Sbarra

    Support Team Leader - Europe & Middle East


    Enzo Parente - Imagicle

    Enzo Parente

    Support Team Leader - North America

  • Omar Radwan - Imagicle

    Omar Radwan

    Support Engineer

    Mike Zoro- Imagicle

    Mike Zoro

    Support Engineer


    Ferruccio Palmerini - Imagicle

    Ferruccio Palmerini

    Support Engineer


    Kamal Ammoun - Imagicle

    Kamal Ammoun

    Support Engineer


    Stefano Manuzzato - Imagicle

    Stefano Manuzzato

    Support Engineer


    Andres Marino - Imagicle

    Andres Marino

    Support Engineer - North America


    Cinzia Micco - Imagicle

    Emanuele Perucci

    Administration Manager


    Cinzia Micco - Imagicle

    Cinzia Micco

    Orders & Licensing Team Leader


  • Elisabetta Da Prato - Imagicle

    Elisabetta Da Prato

    Administration Team Leader

    Elena Neri - Imagicle

    Elena Neri

    Back-Office Assistant

    Sonia Vicini - Imagicle

    Sonia Vicini

    Back-Office Assistant

    Francesca Cappelletti - Imagicle

    Francesca Cappelletti

    Back-Office Assistant

    Samuele Franceschi - Imagicle

    Samuele Franceschi

    Human Resources Assistant

    Marco Cerri - Imagicle

    Marco Cerri

    R&D and Team Manager

    Marco Rullo - Imagicle

    Marco Rullo

    Team Manager and Solutions Architect

    Riccardo Viviani - Imagicle

    Riccardo Viviani

    Senior Analyst and Software Developer

  • Matteo Conta - Imagicle

    Matteo Conta

    Senior Analyst and Software Developer

    Stefano Raffaelli - Imagicle

    Stefano Raffaelli

    Senior Analyst and Software Developer


    Luca Bonuccelli - Imagicle

    Luca Bonucelli

    Senior Analyst and Software Developer

    Loris Pozzobon - Imagicle

    Loris Pozzobon

    Senior Analyst and Software Developer

    Marco Da Rios - Imagicle

    Marco Da Rios

    Senior Analyst and Software Developer


    Cristian Delù - Imagicle

    Cristian Delù

    Senior Analyst and Software Developer

    Giuliano Biasci - Imagicle

    Giuliano Biasci

    Senior Analyst and Software Developer


    Alessandro Zago - Imagicle

    Alessandro Zago

    Senior Analyst and Software Developer


  • Luca Omiciuolo - Imagicle

    Luca Omiciuolo

    Senior Analyst and Software Developer


    Italo Guerrieri - Imagicle

    Christian Lusardi

    Senior Software Developer


    Simone Musetti - Imagicle

    Luca Campo dall'Orto

    Senior Software Developer


    Giovanni Luisotti - Imagicle

    Matteo Betti

    Senior Software Developer


    Giovanni Luisotti - Imagicle

    Stefano Pallicca

    Senior Software Developer


    Italo Guerrieri - Imagicle

    Italo Guerrieri

    Software Developer


    Italo Guerrieri - Imagicle

    Francesco Ronchieri

    Junior Software Developer


    Simone Musetti - Imagicle

    Simone Musetti

    Junior Software Developer


  • Giovanni Luisotti - Imagicle

    Giovanni Luisotti



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Growing team


A growing team of talents.
Care to join us?

We're hiring




Imagicle People 2018



Everybody wins!


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Channel partners


Imagicle welcomes partners.


We welcome partners that help us deliver, integrate and resell our AppSuite. 
We offer continuous innovation and a team of friendly people who never tired of helping you.

That means that everyone wins.
Especially our customers.


Join us



Channel Partners

While we focus on developing best-in-class solutions, our customers need help with services to integrate our AppSuite into their own environments. Our Channel partners help us resell, implement and support companies and organizations around
the world.


Tech partners

Imagicle partners
with Collaboration
technology leaders (Cisco Preferred
Solution Developer
that help us create exciting solutions by pairing our products with their leading UC platforms
and applications.

Together, we work to create greater value for
our customers.

Mappa Customers

Almost worldwide.

In our history we have delivered our apps to more than 20,000 companies:
family companies, multinationals, universities, public administrations, hospitals and prestigious hotels.
We started from Italy together with our partners and we arrived almost in all over the world.
Click on the country you are interested in for a selection of our clients there.