Polytechnic of Namibia

In 1994, it was the first institution of higher learning established in Namibia. Today, with two campuses, it has over 11,000 students and almost 700 faculty and staff.

In migrating to a Cisco UC system, the Polytechnic adopted all Imagicle UCX Suite solutions. Its 50 customer service workstations handle vast numbers of calls from the university, while Imagicle Digital Fax replaced the old fax machines.

At the same time, Call Analytics, paired with the budget control module and the phone lock solution, provided complete control over the more than 1,000 extensions, preventing unauthorized telephone use and guaranteeing respect of the telephone budget.

At the same time, the 50 customer service desks handle the large number of calls received by the institute, while the adoption of Imagicle Digital Fax has made it possible to replace the old fax machines in use.

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