SkyStone Audio-Video.


End of Sale Announcement.

Imagicle announces the end-of-sale and end-of support dates for SkyStone Audio and Video.
The last day to order the applications is March 1, 2017.

Even if thousands of customers all over the world love SkyStone Audio-Video, relying on it for its unique services, we have sadly decided to announce the official End of Sale date since Microsoft has announced, without any forewarning, that all Skype for Windows versions prior to 7.16 are scheduled to be discontinued on the 1st of March, 2017. After that date older Skype will not be able to login anymore, thus needing to be upgraded to newer versions.
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Unfortunately, Microsoft will no longer test newer Skype versions to support 3rd party application interoperability (API), and that could cause products like SkyStone Audio and Video to stop working properly in the next future. So, without official API support from Microsoft, we are no more confident that we can continue to deliver the quality of service for our SkyStone Application as we want and we have decided to announce the official End of Sales date as above.


Are you an existing SkyStone Audio-Video customer?

Customers with active ImagicleCare contracts will continue to receive support until their contracts have expired and anyway no later than March 1, 2020, according to our End of Life Policy, or until Microsoft will do other changes affecting Skype Desktop API, causing sudden service interruption as specified in our SkyStone EULA

We will continue working harder to develop workarounds and keep working all or some of the functionalities, to support our customers to avoid having a service interruption and get time to prepare for a service displacement.


How can I continue using SkyStone on my company?

You’ll need to perform a CRITICAL UPDATE to avoid your SkyStone Audio and Video STOP working granting to interact with the new Skype client versions. You need to install it on your SkyStone Audio and Video Server and, only after having your SkyStone updated, you’ll need to upgrade all the Skype clients installed on your SkyStone Server to their new Skype 7.32 version.

The package is available here together with the update instructions.
If your ImagicleCare contract is active, we’ll be glad to help you with the update. If you are not sure of your ImagicleCare contract status, please check here.


How can I get more information?

We have created a dedicated workflow to support specific questions and interactions on this matter: Feel free to contacts us there or to our phone numbers for any question you may have about this Microsoft Skype announcement and the update status.



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