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Spring 2017 | Made with passion!

Apr 06 2017


Spring-blooming 2017.
Made with passion!




Phone Lock

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Turn on your PC and your phone is unlocked.
Turn off your PC and your phone locks itself.

Today StoneLock automatically does it for you!

Your phone gets locked/unlocked automatically, according to the status of your workstation. For example your phone can be locked when you turn off your PC or when taking a break. Vice versa, your phone can unlock automatically as soon as you turn on your PC.

Available as of May '17

All under control for administrators and department managers.

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Status of all users in one screen with filtering options

Centralized lock/unlock for all phone users

PIN reset and change capabilities for each user

Administrative phone lock in order to prevent users to unlock it



ApplicationSuite for Cisco UC

In sync with even multicluster environments.

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Imagicle ApplicationSuite is now capable to support the connection to multiple Cisco UCM cluster for users authentication and synchronization. Ideal for medium-large businesses, where it is unlikely to have a centralized LDAP/AD to retrieve up the telephone information throughout the organization.




Hotel Pack for Cisco UC

Manage DND status and lock outbound
calls directly from PMS.

IVR Module
for Queue Manager Enterprise

Associate a manager to each
IVR service of your company.


View the "Do not disturb" status set by the host from the room directly from PMS and change it with a click. In addition, you can disable outbound calls to avoid disputes on the telephone bill at check-out.
Available as of May '17


Assign the manager role of an IVR service to whoever you want to independently manage, behavior, audio messages, reports and schedules.
Available as of May '17



LDAP Module

Centralized users management in HCS Shared Architecture environment.

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New module based on LDAP standards to centrally manage, through an easy to use Imagicle web interface style, customer information in an HCS Shared Architecture environment. Moreover, Imagicle LDAP Module gives to all users a dedicated self-service web portal to change passwords.

Ideal for Service Providers, System Integrators who want to deploy UCaaS services without investing in expensive licenses for Microsoft Active Directory for each user.

Available as additional module for Speedy Enterprise.